Earth Elementals

The second children of Serekiel, the Earth Elementals are a peaceful, but stubborn race. Settling on the plans to the west of the cloud piercing mountains, they founded the City of Earthhome.

At first, the earth elementals were a feudal people, paying tithes back to Serekiel.

With the sacking of Earthhome by Atar and the barbarian horde, they became an enslaved race. After several hundred years of enslavement with their air elemental cousins, a resistance arose in Earthhome; the Elemental Liberation Front.

When the elemental armies came to Earthhome to liberate it, the ELF rebelled against their human enslavement. Only when Atar came forth, abolishing the enslavement of the elementals and negotiating with the elementals did the fighting stop.

Currently, the Earth Elementals share Earthhome with many other races.

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Earth Elementals

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