From The wound, a great rift in the central plains, emerged the goblins. Little more than animals, they proved to be very prolific and bred with many different races.

The first goblin subrace was the Orcs, followed rapidly by the Half-Orcs. While the Orcs settled in one area which they called Grot, the half-orcs were wanderers and did not tend to congregate in any one place.

as the Goblins spread and bred the evolved further into the brutish Bugbears and the insidious Hobgoblins.

Eventually, a civilized branch of the goblins arose and built a city, the name of which Efffovvv translates to “Stay Away”.

Goblins are hearty folk and seem to be able to adapt to any environment, though their outward intellect appears very low Goblins seem to have a keen mind for jury rigging rudimentary machines and dastardly weapons. Goblin society is quite chaotic but in recent years they have developed a social order call “the Big Mob” . The Mob is broken down into units the call “Gangs” and each gain is run by a “Boss”. However it may seem like order the Big mob really is just a loose organization to justify infighting. Many Scholars believe that this has all been been guided in secret by the Hobgoblns.

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