Kobolds are the creation of the white dragon, Gunnhildurlifdis. They are masters of healing, illusion magic, and live in the city of Gulin-Bursti (Golden Top Peak), in the mist-shrouded mountains on the peninsula to the west. Amidst the mountains is a glacier fed lake Eplivatn.

The order of the Distant Eye arose, an order of seers and diviners who observe and chronicle world events. Their stronghold, the Well of Mimir is on the island in the middle of the Reef of Despair. There is also an order of guides and mountain guardians called Cliffmasters.

Subrace Winged Kobolds are messengers and scouts.

Culture, Government, Society

They live in the city state of Gulin-Bursti, they vote democratically on any major policies.

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