The lizardmen were created by the Great Serpent Shrisheb in the great southwestern swamp.
They are masters of war magic, and banking/merchants. The lizardfolk discovered a major gold mine near Krachak.

They have the following orders:

The Company of the Claw and Talon is a large and well maintained mercenary organization.

The Consortium of Scales, serves as bankers, and maintain the stability of the monetary system. They ensure that any merchants throughout the land are certified and that the scales and coins are accurate. If you wish to do any business with the Lizardfolk you will need to be CS certified. In modern terms think of the department of weights and measures, and British Retail Consortium with some major teeth.

Culture, Government, Society

Lizardfolk are ruled by an oligarchy of bankers, merchants, mercenary captains, and lawyers. Forgery, clipping of coins, and scale manipulation are serious crimes and harshly punished. Contracts are strictly enforced to the letter of the law.

Monetary System

Scales are gold coins
Claws are silver coins
Talons are copper coins.

A sub-race of lizardfolk arose; the Chameleons (think Dopplegangers)

Cities: Krachak (the Capital), Tkachuk, Nalchuk

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