No one knows where the Nameless Other came from, but an order of necromancers (did they have a name?) arose at his command, masters of necromancy. Their first act was to found the city of Nihilistra. It wasnot long before zombies and vampires appeared, and the Sangre Thana, an order of elder vampires. The necromancers called upon a ritual to surround Nihilistra with a shroud of darkness. The darkness expanded as their armies grew.

Another order arose, the Disciples of the Cleansing Plague, masters of disease and sickness.

Seeing the gathering might of the elementals to the east, The Nameless other commanded his armies to march on the City of Brass. The elementals, combined with their defenses and fortifications, fought back the undead horde, who retreated back to Nihilistra.

Rumors arose that the goblinoids were massing for war with the undead. To protect themselves from the elementals so they could focus on the impending goblinoid threat, the Cleansing Plague created a no-mans land to the east filled with rot and plague.

Aragoth the Unspeakable One sent a delegation to Nihilistra to negotiate a non-aggression treaty with the Nameless Other.

A combined army of fire and earth elementals marched on Nihilistra. While the battle was considered a victory, both sides had heavy casualties.

In support of the elementals, theLizardfolk mercenery armies marched toward Nihilistra, founding the fortified city of Nalchock. Their armies march on the undead city, winning a tactical victory and establishing a siege.

In the battle, the Nameless Other, the order of necromancers and the Cleansing Plague escape through the Ebon Eye, an artifact of great power. Through the power of the Eye, a curse is laid on Nihilistra that causes disease and insanity to any who enter it’s black walls.

The Lizardfolk cleanse the remaining undead from Nihilistra, but at grave costs.

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